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We are typically in Monday through Friday 10 AM to 4 PM and Saturday 10AM to 2 PM. We get in at 8 AM most days and like a little time to get things set up. However, you are welcome to stop by and interupt us. Most nights we’re actually still in past 5. 
Everyone that works here has kids. After 4PM we switch back to our other full times jobs as dads. 
You are welcome to call in the afternoon and see if we’re available to stay later. To be honest, if we put we we’re in till 6 every night, most customers would show up at 5:59.
Sundays? Nope we’re always closed. State law prevents dealers from being open on Sundays. Yep, look it up. Its a real thing. 

No, we refer everyone to a credit union. We always say we don’t finance our own grandmother. We leave out the part about her writing a bad check to the casino.

A good realtor won’t waste time showing you a house until you’ve been preapproved. It wastes both people’s time and time costs money. The same goes with cars. It costs zero dollars to sit in your underwear in your house and fill out a loan application online. 

Most of our customers take out a loan from the Bank of Grandma. Banks and credit unions can be difficult to deal with when you need a smaller loan. Many customers end up getting approved for a personal loan instead of an auto loan. Most banking employees will not take the extra step to see if you would like to apply for a personal loan. We’re never sure why.

We’re sure they do. The profit to labor ratio on all those are awesome money makers. We bet they offered you a credit card too. This probably just isn’t the car for you.

Most cars we sell come with a thirty day/1,000 Mile warranty. Which every comes first, 30 days or $1,000 Miles. Engine, transmission, drive axle assembly, certain seals and gaskets, water pump alternator and starter are covered. Ask a salesman for the finer details. We also offer aftermarket service contracts from ASC Warranty. They’re a reputible warranty company unlike the ones you see advertised on TV. Those are sold at an additional cost and range from 3 months to 48 months and 3,000 miles to 48,000 miles. We highly encourage you to purchase one. We do not have a crystal ball and expect any and every car to brake down at some time. 

Absolutely not. For an additional fee there is Platinum, Deluxe, Drivetrain Plus, and factory type coverage options. You can always ask what the additional fee is for those. Just like auto insurance you can have liability or upgrade to comprehensive. We will not hold a gun to you head to purchase an extended warranty. Ask yourself if you think this car will run forever without problems and how well you plan on keeping maintenance up. That is the answer to wether or not you should purchase an extended warranty. Shit, I don’t expect my washer or dryer to last 5 years and they come new out of a box. 

We could sell you two or three cars. For that money You might be at the wrong place.

My kids could find a way to ruin a hammer in a sandpile. Your situation is what we specialize in.

Yes, You must come with them. Do not just send cash and a cab. We are done having relatives bring back cars with meth pipe burns, cracked windshields, bent suspension and a case of paranoia over the low tire light coming on.If you are going to take on the responsibility of helping out a relative then we are going to hold you accountable after they destroy it within the week.

A vehicle that has been involved in an accident, hail damage, theft recovery or flood and was insured by an insurance company. The damage was repaired and reissued a previous salvage title.

No and No. Make a call to your local body shop and ask them what one labor hour costs.Then multiply that by the time it will take for removal, repair and installation of original style parts, and then what the painter charges to paint it. On most of the older cars we work on, if the previous owner hadn’t had full coverage they would have just bolted a new headlight in and kept driving. If you have full coverage the insurance company writes you a check if it’s going to cost too much to fix and they take the car away.

Yes you can get plates for it. No, the 551 inspection has already been done. You title it like any other vehicle.

Yes. You can get liability through just about anybody as it doesn’t cover the car, just the damage you cause to others property. Full coverage depends on what company. The majority of them do. If they say they don’t it’s because the person who answers the phone at your local office doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Yes, a salvage title cannot be licensed. A 551 Inspection must be done by the Missouri State Highway Patrol and then a previous salvage title is issued by the state. The previous salvage title can be licensed like any other title.

Most people don’t buy our cars for resale. They buy them to drive the wheels off of and then they buy another one. And that if they’re lucky enough to keep them between those two outside lines on the highway long enough to wear them out. If you do go to sell, it’s no different than any other car sale.